adidas プレデターX FG/AG 28.5cm シューズ 超人気


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16800円ジャパン アウトレット ,超人気 adidas プレデターX FG/AG 28.5cm,スポーツ・レジャー サッカー/フットサル シューズ,adidas プレデターX 28.5cm FG/AG

adidas プレデターX FG/AG 28.5cm シューズ 超人気


adidas プレデターX FG/AG 28.5cm シューズ 超人気

¥24000 ¥16800

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Great quality! fast shipping great item- fit perfect The stretch makes these comfortable to wear. The phone pocket is nice. fit perfectly. using it for welding, sparks doesn't all burn holes it in The stretch makes these comfortable to wear. The phone pocket is nice. These looked great, and fit great. The problem was that they ripped too easily. I tied one of the leg strings and ripped through the bottom. Rubbed against a tree and took off a pocket. Lastly I turned and an exposed door knob grabbed a belt loop and tore them in half. I wore them 3 times. Way too overpriced for what are essentially disposable shorts. Love the shorts. Seller was awesome!! Very professional Crap. Black faded after 1st wash. Now they are work shorts. Thanks for NOTHING!!! The only complaint I have about these shorts (I've ordered more than one pair) is the seams in the back are not strong enough, thus the stitching comes apart. Had to take both pair into my tailor to have them make a double-stitch. Good quality. Good fit. This is my third and I find all of them very comfortable. Flattering, stylish, goes well with leggings. Buy it!