G-SHOCK MTG-1500B 腕時計(アナログ) 新品・正規品


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8800円オンライン 買い ,新品・正規品 G-SHOCK MTG-1500B,メンズ 時計 腕時計(アナログ), MTG-1500B G-SHOCK

G-SHOCK MTG-1500B 腕時計(アナログ) 新品・正規品


G-SHOCK MTG-1500B 腕時計(アナログ) 新品・正規品

¥11000 ¥8800

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  • カテゴリー メンズ 時計 腕時計(アナログ)
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Great shorts. Multiple discreet pockets! Wink wink. Bought a second in another color. I’m happy (-: Description says 95% cotton, 5% spandex. I was expecting cotton shorts with an elastic waistband, but these are basically spandex stretchy everywhere. They are also a bit on the small size, so they fit tightly. Was looking for basic gym shorts, not bike pants. Still deciding whether to return them and shop locally instead. I just love these Jeans they fit great. but i Wished they came in 36-29s but no they just come in 36-30s or bigger. outside of that these Jeans are Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a big fan of Merino wool clothings. As a natural material, they are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It is better than cotton. This pair of shorts is a blend of Merino wool, cotton and a bit of stretchy Elastane. The fabric feels good to touch -- a bit tougher than pure Merino wool which is good for a pair of shorts. The stretch is good for movement.This pair of shorts are stylish -- it is thin enough to look dressy. There are a lot of pockets on this pair of shorts: the right back pocket has an inner zippered pocket for "security". Thankfully the zipper is small -- otherwise it will be uncomfortable to sit on. The front pockets both have additional coin pockets as well.One slight negative about this pair of short is that there is a fairly large logo in the back of the pair of shorts. If you use a belt it will be covered. But there really is no need for this much branding.Otherwise, this is a great pair of shorts, especially for travel. Recommended. Dang. These things are great. Wonderful fit. Material is sweet. PROS:- The material is made of wool, cotton, and includes some stretch. It feels light and airy so I will be looking forward to wearing these this summer and when traveling to hot destinations.- Pockets... oh yeah, there are 7 of them! 4 regular pockets, 1 coin pocket, one small pocket inside the left front pocket, but the most secure one is the butt pocket- a zippered pocket inside the right rear pocket.CONS:- The photos of the model wearing the shorts do not show how tight they material hugs the crotch area. It's noticeable, but most people wear their shirts out and not tucked in. they feel and fit great The fit is terrific. I also like the material. Great golf sborts! i run about 3 times a week and i had to buy shorts and these were the first that i found witrh reasonable price.A bit tight to my liking so maybe get a size up of what youre used to.Also bear in mind that the fabric is kinda thick. they feel and fit great This Made In China knockoff is itchy, doesn't stretch its kinda rigid and not as soft as Soffee brand. They are not the same feel or fit. A real disappointment Exercise I can always count on Wrangler cargo shorts. Lots of sizes available. Handy cell phone pocket. Always comfy. Comfortable and great for working out. I bought M and I don't feel like these really compress, more like form fitting spandex but they do the trick Wore this product 3 times and they completely ripped out beside the pockets on the left leg. Wish that wranglers were still made from quality materials. Guess its all quantity over quality.